2014. szeptember 9., kedd

2014. április 25., péntek

Cannibal WIP

33mms Tall cannibal. Available from zealot miniatures
Pic of cast: 



Standing straigt, this would be 40mms tall. Probably my favourite sculpt so far.
Sculpted for Deraj Studios.


One of my favourite subject matters :)
Standing straight it would be 36mms tall. (Hunched it is about 32mms). Private comission. The first pic was taken by a friend, thus the better quality. 

Zombie and Gunslinger

30mm Zombie comission. I had fun sculpting this one.
30mm gun fighter (Guns from hasslefree)


The mummy. 32mms tall, it was resculpted a bit for casting purposes.
Sculpted for: demigodgames